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How to Make Popsicle Stick House for Rat

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We made a house for our pet rat!🐭 AND IT'S MADE ENTIRELY OF POPSICKLE STICKS😱, check it out!😍

Pets are fun! In our previous episodes, you could see what kind of pets Slime Sam and I have and what easy DIY things we made for them. Check out videos about a giant African snail, stinking cute white rabbit and tiny baby chicks that hatched from the grocery store eggs. But so far the star of most of the recent videos has been a smart pet rat Master Splinter. Turns out, it wasn't a Master Splinter, it was a girl😳 So we named her Tater Tots because she is major tater tots lover :)

And in this episode, we're going to take on a really interesting challenge and build a rat house made entirely out of popsicle sticks! It's not a piece of cake, let me tell you! Watch the video for the detailed step-by-step tutorial (or the instruction if you please) on how to make a house. This adorable wooden DIY is so fun and really chip to do! You will only need lota of popsicle sticks, hot glue and an electric cutter. We threw in some decorations too, like moss.

Precision is very important if you decide to make this craft. Most of the sticks need to be cut in order to fit together and make the craft look neat.

BE VERY CAREFUL working with sharp objects! It's always more safe and fun working together with adults, so don't be shy and ask for help!

This easy craft for kids is good for boys and girls and you can also use it as a dollhouse! But for small dolls, probably :) It will be an interesting idea for a house for your hamster or a guinea pig, it's completely animal-friendly!

Use this fun DIY to get yourself familiar with the basics of engineering and bring it to school for the Pet Day and wow your friends and teachers!


🐭Rats are extremely smart. They also have an exceptional memory. For instance, once they learn a navigation route, they will never forget it. You can see it in many experiments, we even made a video about it! We build a creative labyrinth for our pet rat and she was only confused the first time she explored it. Every time after this it only took her seconds to find an exit!

🐭Rats are very social animals. They enjoy interacting with other rats and pet rats are very affectionate to their humans. In isolation, they feel lonely and can get very depressed.

🐭Rats are ones of the very few species that take care of injured and sick rats in their pack.

🐭Rats can smile and laugh:) They tend to grind their teeth when they are happy and make laughter sounds when they play.

🐭Just like humans, rats are very prone to copying the behavior of the rest of the group. They will disregard their own negative experience and do something that others do even if it hurts them. For example, they can eat food they don't like if others eat it. Talking about peer pressure!

🐭Despite the common belief, rats are very clean animals. They can spend hours every day cleaning and grooming. If you have a pet rat, you probably observed this kind of behavior. Rats are less likely to catch and transmit things like parasites and viruses.

🐭Rats are very curious and they will want to explore everything within their sight and smell. But they are shy and rather run than confront the threat unless absolutely have to.

🐭Rats' tails are not just tails. They help rats to regulate their body temperature, balance and communicate with others.

🐭Although rats don't store water much, they can go longer without a drink of water than camels!

Do you want yourself a pet rat yet? ;) We have one and can tell you from the personal experience – you won't regret it! They are much easier to take care of than, say, dogs, but just as much fun! Let us know if you are getting one:)


Lots of things! Here are some creative ideas, let us know if you like any and we'll make videos with them!

🍭Well, the most obvious thing to do with popsicle sticks are popsicles:) Get a mold and look up cool ideas and recipes.

🍭Learn colors with felt popsicles.

🍭Make jewelry for kids using popsicle sticks and scrapbook decorations.

🍭Build a 3D maze game out of popsicle sticks and marbles.

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No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

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