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15 Baby Rats (5 Weeks)

Dislike 0 Published on 2 Sep 2011

I got 2 female rats and one was apparently pregnant...
She had 15 babies (10 female, 5 male), which is above average.

Additional Info in response to comments:
- The part where my dog is trying to get at the rats, that was the only time he was allowed near or even see the rats. The rats were not phased, I was watching them closely, which is obvious considering I was filming the whole thing, and although the tank was being pushed a little, there was no easy way for the dog to push them off the table. Also I just got the rats and was unaware one was pregnant. She didn't start to show until about 2 weeks later.

- I am aware of the wheel issue. Please don't assume I kept them running in that small wheel after they've grown up. Please see next bullet point for explanation on why.

- As most of you smart ones may notice, near the end of the video i split the rats up into separate tanks. There is a two-fold reason for doing this. One, the tank size. Two, I needed to separate the males and females. I even added a second level to the second tank for more play space/sleep space.

- Please watch the video to the end to make sure you didn't miss any crucial information before posting naive comments about the condition the rats are in now. For those of you who still won't watch the ending comment, I will say it here: I gave the baby rats away after they were safe to leave their mother, which was a few days after the last clip in the video.

- Rats are not super delicate creatures. I'm no expert, but considering they all matured just fine, with none dying or eaten, it was much better than how others would have done, so please take your criticizing comments elsewhere where it is actually deserved.

Have a nice day. :)