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Bad Mini Pigs are Naughty and Manipulative! (Prissy & Bomber Show)

Dislike 0 Published on 3 Mar 2012

Prissy & Bomber act naughty and manipulative in this vid!

Did you know that pigs are rated the smartest domestic animal & 4th smartest of all animals!! ALL pig breeds are loving & intelligent so please don't eat them! They love people & just want to be loved back!

NOTE: Pigs are hard to take care of so please do your research before getting one and DO NOT GET ONE FOR YOUR KID! Kids quickly tire of the near 20 year commitment in caring for a pet that is as smart and time consuming as a 2-3 year old child! This often leaves piggies dumped at overcrowded and underfunded rescues!

Adopt Don't Shop! Thousands of pigs are being abandoned because they get larger than expected*, are destructive (tearing up carpet and walls), & have a long life span which causes many owners to get tired of them & dump them at rescues.

*Teacups & Micros: Where mini (small) pigs exist, teacup & micro pigs (extra extra small) do NOT. They all get BIG when they grow up (50-100+ lbs) & are often abandoned because of size. Teacup & micro sellers often fib about size to get your money-- underfeeding or inbreeding pigs to keep them small which is unhealthy & shortens piggy lifespan.