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Amara gives Birth

Dislike 0 Published on 17 Sep 2019

Amara decided to give birth to her first pup in the little tower. Sadly things were not meant to be, but Amara is fine and that is all that really matters. The labor was difficult, no little babies at the end of it, but other than a bit of soreness the next day, Amara came out of it alive and healthy. I will definitely never put her in with an intact male again. Amara will always have to be an aunty and not a mom, becoming a mom is just too dangerous for her. Breeding mice is fun, but also risky and sad sometimes.

Midas was so sweet during the whole ordeal. He was very attentive towards Amara and very protective. So sad the babies did not make it, he would have been the best adoptive dad. It is beautiful how devoted he is to his family.

Warning: breeding mice should be left to experienced mouse keepers, just too many things can go wrong. The biggest danger is ending up with WAY too many mice, too many that you can care for properly, especially when it comes to the little males. It is better for most people to rescue mice or buy them from a good breeder than to breed their own. I have kept mice for 15 years but only started breeding them three years ago when I felt I had gained enough knowledge to do it properly.