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Little Mouse Gets Neutered

Dislike 0 Published on 28 Aug 2013

WARNING: not for those who have trouble watching surgery.

NOTE: only Toby's testicles are being removed, everything else is left intact, mice have elongated testicles which is leading to some confusion lol

Definition of neutering: the surgical removal of a mouse's testicles. Once a mouse is neutered his quality of life hugely improves because now he can live with other mice, something that is very important for a social animal. A neutered mouse can live with females without producing tons of babies. He also can live with other neutered males. He makes a much better pet because he no longer marks territory and no longer produces the characteristic strong smelling urine of an intact male mouse.

I have a super vet, she had a technician film Toby's neutering, the first time a vet ever agreed to do this for me.

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