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White Mouse Giving Birth - The Miracle of Life

Dislike 0 Published on 20 Jan 2013

This is The BEST Mouse Birth Video EVER !!!
Our mouse had 15 babies when her daughter gave birth to 6 more baby mice.
The new mother mouse is just 2 months old, and we kept her together with her mother.
Her mother gave birth 2 weeks ago, and her babies just turned white but still have their eyes shut.
In this video the new mother is trying to give birth when her brothers and sisters won't stop bothering her, until her mother, which is the grandmother of the newborns came to her aid.
So the mother started eating the placenta and the grandmother finished it off, and moved her older babies away...
Now we have 15 white babies and 6 pinkies :)
It was amazing to see the mice birth.
Truly is, The Miracle of Life...

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