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How to Breed Mice

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► There are several reasons one would breed mice ranging from a desire to raise them as pets to breeding them as snake food. Whatever the reason for the breeding, there is a specific process for the most humane, safe and effective mouse breeding. Read the following article to learn how to breed mice successfully in your own home ✔

► Tips
+ When you breed mice at home, make sure you have multiple cages. This way, you can separate males, females, adults and young as necessary.
+ Over-breeding can result in small litters, unhealthy litters, shortened lifespan of the mother, and/or shortened lifespan of the litter.
+ If a mother is looking a little thin, try feeding some fresh fruits etc. To help her gain healthy weight.
+ If you're purchasing cages from a pet store, make sure your cages are specifically designed for mice and not other rodents such as gerbils or rats. Bars on mice cages are very close together and this will prevent even baby mice from escaping.
+ Never touch the newborns until they can walk on their own, or the mother may instinctively kill them.
+ Don't buy rat cages! Mice can escape these.
+ Put newspaper in cage so she can make a nest ✔

► Warnings
+ A female mouse shouldn't give birth to more than 3 litters over a lifetime. Any more breeding events, and the likelihood of serious complications or death is greatly increased ✔

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