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Dating in the Mouse World

Dislike 0 Published on 10 Sep 2019

Getting mice to breed is more complicated than one might think. They first need to get to know each other and the females need to come into heat. This can take a few days. Many males become quite aggressive and are hard on the females, but Percy was the perfect gentleman. At the end it really paid off, the girls just LOVED him. So much so that I had a few escapes so they could be closer to him. The most tenacious was Frost, she twice jumped out of her own cage, ran across the studio floor and somehow managed to get onto the art table, just so she could be close to his cage. Frost and Percy liked each other so much that when it came time for Percy to leave with his human for the long trip back to San Diego, we decided she should go with him. Can't break up true love :)