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Mouse giving Birth 01, House Mouse and her Babies

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Female house mice have an estrous cycle that is 4--6 days long, with estrus itself lasting less than a day. If several females are held together under crowded conditions, they will often not have an estrus at all. If they are then exposed to male or even just the urine of a male, they will become estrous after 72 hours.
Following copulation, female mice will normally develop a copulation plug which prevents further copulation. This plug stays in place for some 24 hours. The gestation period is about 19--21 days, and they give birth to a litter of 3--14 young (average 6--8). One female can have some 5--10 litters per year, so the mice population can increase very quickly. Breeding occurs throughout the year (however, animals living in the wild don't reproduce in the colder months, even though they don't hibernate). The newborn are blind and without fur. Fur starts to grow some three days after birth and the eyes open one to two weeks after birth. Mouse giving birth was filmed by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro in 2010.