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60 KG African Catfish Cutting & Cooking Fish With Rice Curry By Women To Feed Whole Village Peoples

Dislike 0 Published on 25 Sep 2018

About 60KG, 13 Pieces of big size African catfish(Magur) cutting by women and cooking fish curry with rice to feed whole village peoples.

This catfish called in Bengali "Magur".

They used tree leaf to remove fish lubricious fat to catch the fish properly. So that they can cut the fish into small small pieces easily.

Women cutting all the big big size fish using traditional cutting tools "Boti"

Some women prepared all the ingredient for this fish. And then they started cooking fish curry(Vuna fish) for full village peoples.

I have added all ingredient name as English subtitle. In the mean time some others women cooked rice to eat with fish curry.

After finish cooking they serve the fish to villagers with rice.

This food program was arranged & funded by AroundMeBD channel for their charity food work to village peoples and their children.

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