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Walmart fish abuse part 1. FISH ABUSE

Dislike 0 Published on 22 Jan 2017

WalMart fish abuse is beyond fixing so WalMart needs to stop selling fish. My son Sean, and I have five fish tanks. One salt water, and the other four are fresh water. We don't buy fish at WalMart, but we know the problems that they have with their fish. At this paticular WalMart i've complained to 3 different managers in a two week period. So when we went back the fourth time we came with the camera. As we were getting closer to the fish area we could smell the ammonia from three isles away. When we got to the fish area it was such a horrible smell. You could see the fish hadn't been fed in a while.They were all eating off all the dead fish in all the tanks. We first tested the water, and the ammonia, and ph were off the chart. These tanks all share the same sump filter. So all the water in every tank is the same. We put in chemicals to treat the ammonia, and got the ph as close as we could. Then we started to net out all the dead fish with a WalMart employee watching us. Also there was two cameras on us as well. I didn't care at this point because I complained so many times prior to doing this. Also this is not the first time we've done this at WalMart. Fish should not be treated like they were, and I feel WalMart should not sell fish. When WalMart first opened in Las Vegas in the early 90's they all sold fish. I believe that all the complaints over the years has made WalMart stop selling fish in most of their stores. I also feel if this video gets enough hits it will get the attention of WalMart. Then maybe they'll stop selling fish in all their stores. Thank you for watching, and caring. Thank you Christian I would like to approach Wayde, and Brett from the t.v. show Tanked on Animal Planet. I know they would like to see this, and hopefully help. If you agree please leave a comment "Yes Tanked"
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