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GIANT GOLDFISH - real or fake?

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Steve at Experimental

Raphael Biagini Facebook page


I think everybody has seen a goldfish… You know those cute little fish people keep in homes or in ponds. They can get pretty big… but how about, this big?

This picture was sent in by CoolCreeperDude and Szymon Slek from Poland. It shows a guy holding what claims to be giant goldfish.

Szymon said “My friend found this on the internet and claims it really is a giant goldfish. I only want to know if this picture is Real or something really fishy!”

The first thing I noticed, there are tons of goldfish pictures out there on the internet. So many, it was to take a real pro to get the bottom of it. So, I turned to one of the best researchers I know, Steve from youtube channel experi-mental.

Steve ripped though this one in no time flat and came up with the original pictures that were posted on a facebook page.

The page was owned by a guy named Raphael Biagini. Raphael obviously is a real guy and catches lots of big fish but in the middle of all these - was the picture we are examining - and another one just like it. They were captioned, Giant Goldfish!

According to my own research, goldfish come from the carp family of fish, so maybe what we are looking at is just a big carp that happens to be gold.

This is a tough one, but I have the answer and it’s right here, but first I want to hear what you think first. I don’t care what time it is or where you are. Just yell out, as loud as you can, either real or fake right now!

Ok, you got it? Go!


The two pictures showing raphael with a large golden fish are authentic. But the claim that the fish is an unusually large goldfish has been determined to be.. relatively…. true!

As it turns out, the small goldfish we know from millions of fish bowls and this giant in the picture both come from the same species of carp. What happened was this: Thousands of years ago, the Chinese began to domesticate these fish for food and ornamentation. Over the years, scientists started classifying the smaller goldfish into one group and this larger one into another, but genetically speaking, they are both relatively the same fish.

Ok, I think that one is true on a technical knock out but either way, that was an amazing catch!