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How to care for goldfish - Instructional Videos

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How To: Prepare the tank for goldfish: 0:18
How To: Buy your goldfish: 1:16
How To: Introduce your fish to the tank: 1:48
How To: Clean out your tank: 2:10
How To: Feed and care for your fish: 2:58

How to care for goldfish:

-Preparing the tank:
A small tank is good for beginners, but a larger tank is better for keeping more or larger fish.
You must treat the water for your tank with AquaSafe (or similar brands) to neutralise harmful chemicals, and help clean the water to make it healthier for your fish.
A pump/filter is compulsory for any tank as it air-rates the water and filters out any algae. Plants also help to oxygenate the water.

-Buying your goldfish:
Goldfish come in two groups, long bodied and short bodied. You must not mix these two groups as the long bodied ones are faster, so get to the food before the short bodied ones (which are fatter and slower).
There should be one goldfish in your tank for every 10 or 20 litres.

-Introducing the goldfish to your tank:
When introducing your goldfish, DO NOT place the fish in your tank directly. Instead, rest the bag on the surface of the water for up to 20 minutes to allow the temperature of the water in the tank and in the bag to equalise.
Once twenty minutes are up, you can gently release your goldfish into the tank. It is important to only introduce one goldfish at a time to your tank. You can also quarantine any new fish before placing them in your tank.

-Cleaning out the tank:
It is very important to clean out your goldfish tank regularly. You can do this be frequently cleaning the sides of the tank to avoid any algae from settling.
However, every two weeks you must replace twenty% of the water with fresh water:

•Syphon out 20% of the water.
•Remove the pump or filter and thoroughly clean out any algae + replace the filter pads.
•Fill up a large container with water
•Treat the water with the appropriate amount of AquaSafe (or similar brands). Use 5ml for every 10 litres.
•Slowly pour the treated water into the tank to avoid startling the fish. (Repeat until the tank is full).
•Place the newly cleaned pump/filter back in the tank.


-Feeding your fish:
You can feed your fish many different food items, from granules to live shrimps. I would personally recommend any sort of flakes to enhance the health, colour and vitality of your goldfish.

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