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Dislike 0 Published on 24 Aug 2015

Ryan and Princess T from Ryan ToysReview love watching Disney Junior videos on the Disney Channel! One of there favorite shows from Disney is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! So we decided to make of the the world biggest Giant Surprise Egg Mickey Mouse filled with Disney toys surprise of Minnie and Mickey! Ryan and Princess T was outside playing the Mickey Mouse ClubHouse drum then they opening the giant egg!

The toys feature in this videos include:
Disney Tsum Tusm Giant Mickey mouse and minnie mouse stuff doll
Disney Junior Mickey and minnie mouse giant doll
Minnie Mouse Rainbow Dazzle
Mickey Mouse silly Wheelie Mickey
Minnie Mouse Cheerleader doll
Mickey Mouse learn to count colors and numbers

Then they went outside to play with the Mickey Mouse piƱata filled with candy. They hit Mickey mouse so hard his ears broke off =(. They then did the extreme warhead challenge. They Ryan jumped into the pool filled with orbeez with his Mickey mouse floater! This is a very awesome Mickey mouse video for kids that loves Disney Toys!!!

This video is dedicated to his wonderful grandma! Happy Birthday Grandma! Ryan loves and misses you very much!!! =)